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Hand Crafted amplifiers from 
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 

Custm Amps

Tube Amplifiers Built to Last

From vintage recreations to custom designs, all Strange Audio Electronics amps are hand-built one at a time with premium components. Made to last a lifetime in the studio or on the road, with craftsmanship and sound quality you can rely on. 


"Dude, this amp rips so hard. Single coils sound unreal. The responsiveness and volume knob interactivity are fantastic."
                                                                           Phil M.

"I purchased the first Lux Plus created by Strange Audio Electronics, and it is a versatile, elegant, and endlessly fun piece of equipment. I highly recommend it to anybody looking to explore their own sound further or find a new one. This amp has it all!"

Nate T.

"My Susie is amazing! Looks great, sounds great, just does everything I needed it to do, and does it well. PAFs, P90, singles, they all sound great."

John P.

"I can’t overstate how good this amp is man. It’s like everything I’ve wanted out of an “American” voiced amp. Fender snarl but without the scoop. Plus I can push it without being served divorce papers." 

Brenden F. 



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