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Vintage American design, brought to the modern studio and stage.


From big bold cleans and touch-sensitive compression, to dynamic overdrive, all the way to fuzzed-out tweedy distortion, the Lux Plus offers a huge range of vintage tube flavor. Plays well with pedals, especially with gain and boost effects, and doesn't loose fidelity with reverbs and delays. No-compromise build quality with high-end components, custom transformers, and a sleek retro-futuristic cab.  

$2199 + ship

These amps are made by hand in pre-ordered batches. Pre-orders for the Lux Plus will be announced, $800 required to being build. 


  • 15 watt Push-Pull Class AB amplifier based on classic American circuits.

  • Cathode-biased 6V6GT output section, 5Y3 rectified.

  • 12AY7 preamp and 12AX7 phase inverter.

  • Bright and Normal preamp channels, with a shared tone control.

  • High and Low inputs on each channel.

  • Cleaner/Meaner switch for three different voicing options, from clean and crisp, touch-sensitive dynamics, to hot and in-your-face.

  • Evidence Audio patch cable included for jumping channels together for hotter, more harmonically complex tones.

  • Custom Soursound power and output transformer.

  • Jupiter bypass caps. 

  • Solid core cloth-covered wiring

  • Hand wired on custom garolite turret board.

  • Evidence Audio shielded connections and speaker cables.

  • Custom "Offset" cab made with 13-ply void-free Baltic Birch.

  • Weber Legacy 12" Speaker

  • 6 distinctive finish options:

    • Macchiato (charcoal tweed tolex/ tan cane cloth),

    • Retro (blonde tolex/star pattern printed cloth)

    • Cloudy Sky (white tolex/painted clouds printed cloth)

    • Blackout (blackened tuna tolex/black cloth)

    • Nordic Spring (British Racing Green tolex/floral printed cloth)

    • Vintage Red (red garnet tolex/star pattern printed cloth)

  • Dimensions: 20”W x 16”H x 12”D, 42lbs

Amp Demos:

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