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Small amp, lots of attitude! ​

That's what The Susie is all about. 5-watts of single-ended fun, voiced for full, bold cleans, edgy and dynamic overdrive, all the way to compressed fuzzed-out distortion. Plenty of volume on tap, though manageable even when cranked, making it perfect for the studio or miced on stage. 

Available in both separate head/2x10" cab

AND 10" combo cab designs! 

Head only: $1449 + ship

Head and matching vert 2x10" cab: $2299 + ship

Combo 1x10": $1599 + ship

These amps are made by hand in pre-ordered batches.

Pre-orders for The Susie will be announced, $800 deposit required to begin build. 




  • 5 watts Single-Ended Class A amplifier, head cab form factor.

  • Cathode-biased 6V6GT output section, 5Y3 rectified.

  • 12AX7 preamp, but swappable with any 12A*7 tube for cleaner tonality.  

  • Single Gain control, with a wide-sweeping Tone control. 

  • Hi and Lo inputs.

  • Cleaner/Meaner switch for three gain voicing options: bold/full cleans, touch-sensitive dynamic overdrive, to saggy/compressed fuzzed out distortion. 

  • Custom Soursound output transformer, with 8 and 16ohm speaker outputs.

  • Jupiter bypass caps. 

  • Hand wired on garolite turret board.

  • 6 distinctive finish options:

    • Macchiato (charcoal tweed tolex/ tan cane cloth),

    • Retro (blonde tolex/star pattern printed cloth)

    • Cloudy Sky (white waffle tolex/painted clouds printed cloth)

    • Blackout (blackened tuna tolex/black cloth)

    • Nordic Spring (British Racing Green tolex/floral printed cloth)

    • Vintage Red (red garnet tolex/star pattern printed cloth)

  • Dimensions: 13"W x 10"H x 9"D - 12.2lbs

  • Vertical 2x10" Cab specs:

    • 2x Weber Silver Ten speakers, 60w max @ 8Ω ​

    • Slant front, dimensions: 18"W x 24"H x 11.5"D 

  • 1x10: combo specs:

    • 1x Weber Silver Ten, 16Ω. ​

    • Dimensions: 17.75"W x 14"H x 11.5"D

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